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Prices for Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd March 2018

    To order quickly via the internet simply fill in the form below, stating the weight and/or quantity required.  At the end of the form press 'submit' and your order will appear before you.  Check through it and then press 'confirm'.  We will now have your order.

   The only mandatory field on the order form is your name; but a telephone number is helpful in case we need to contact you to clarify your order. 
   The Farm Shop pages in the menu bar will help you to fill in the order form.  A drop down page entitled Terrick Beef Cuts Explained gives full details of how the beef is packaged.  For example, steaks are sold two to a tray; casserole meat and mince is sold in 1lb (455g) bags; burgers are in multiples of four.
   In the same section, on the drop down page entitled Other Produce you will find full details of Terrick Lamb, steak pies and fresh free range chickens which can be ordered. Chickens are sold as average (medium 'M') size weighing approximately 2 kilo, price approximately £11 unless otherwise requested.   Write 'L' for large weighing up to approximately 2.5 kilo; or 'S' for small weighing approximately 1.5 kilo.
   Terrick Beef prices shown on the order form are per kilo except for beefburgers which are 65p each.  One kilo equals 2lb 2oz.  Lamb is sold as a half or whole carcase and pies are priced individually.  The lamb and pies are sold frozen.
   Please collect your order from Grove Farm between noon and 6pm on Friday 2nd March and between 10am and 1pm on Saturday 3rd March. If you cannot make these times please email to let us know - we are more than happy to accommodate individual collection times upon request.  Please note, we cannot open before midday on Friday as we spend the morning weighing and pricing all the meat.
   Payment is required on collection, cash or cheque please.  No cards.
   Please check the email alert button at the bottom if you wish to have your name added to our email database, to receive an order reminder each month.
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   You can order any quantity of Terrick Beef from one bag of mince or a tray of four beefburgers to large monthly orders.  We can also provide specialist requests, for example, sirloin or fillet joints. 
   Our system is not an exact science as the weight of the beasts do vary.  To ensure we fulfill every order we stop taking orders when we think we are near to selling out.  For this reason some of the items listed as Sold Out may be available on the day.  If we sell out of fresh Terrick Beef but have frozen available this will be listed, and you can order frozen via the comment box.

There are three ways to order:

 Whichever method you choose please remember to clearly state your name and telephone number with the weight and/or quantity of beef and other products you require.

Order form:
Follow the instructions to fill in the form on this page.  This is the quickest and easiest way to order Terrick Beef, Terrick Lamb and Terrick Beef pies.
Alternatively, if you do not wish to use this order form, you can send a personal email to
and we will reply to confirm we have your order.
Send your order, with your details, to DOWN ON THE FARM, Grove Farm, Risborough Road, Terrick,
Buckinghamshire HP17 0UA.
Topside Joint
£8.30 per Kilo
Silverside Joint
£7.50 per Kilo
Brisket Joint
£7.35 per Kilo
Fore Rib on bone
£12.20 per Kilo
Top Rump
£8.35 per Kilo
Sirloin Joint
£20 per Kilo
Fillet Steak
£40 per Kilo
Sirloin Steak
£20 per Kilo
Rump Steak
£17 per Kilo
Braising Steak
£7.15 per Kilo
Diced Stewing Steak
£7 per Kilo
Minced Lean Beef - 455gs/1lb bags
£6.90 per Kilo
Beefburgers - 113gs/4oz each
70p per Burger
LAMB - half/whole carcase
£8.25 per Kilo
Pie - steak & ale
per in three sizes
Pie - steak & kidney
per in three sizes
Chicken (fresh free range)
£5.35 per kilo (indicate L, M or S)
Rib-eye steaks
£20 per kilo
Feather steaks
£14.50 per kilo
Terrick Beef sausages
£7.80 per kilo
Terrick Beef sausages with horseradish
£7.80 per kilo

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